Langur Burja Board Game – Age 6+

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Once you get the hang of it, it’s difficult to let go. Oh, trust us.

Langur Burja, a dice game that keeps you on your toes, Langur Burja (aka “Jhanda Burja” and “Khor Khore” as well as “Crown and Anchor”), is popularly played across Nepal, especially during the span of Dashain and Tihar. This grip-ping game, in its ethos, is very similar to Bầu cua tôm cá played in Vietnam, Hoo Hey How played in China, and the dice game Crown and Anchor played by British sailors, or Chuck-A-Luck played in America.

  • Contains: 6 boards (21 cm), and instruction paper
    • set with 3 dice (size of dice 2.5 cm)
    • set with 6 dice (size of dice 2 cm)
  • Players: Multiple
  • How to play? This dice game comes with three dice and aboard. Each dice has six faces with different symbols: Jhanda (Flag), Burja (Crown), Itta (Diamond), Paan (Heart), Hukum (Spade), and Chidi (Club). The board also has the same size symbols on it. The game is played between a banker, who rolls the dice, and the players, who place their bets on one or more symbols on the boards. The players will only win if the symbols they placed their bet on show up on the faces of the dices rolled.
  • Designed and developed by Kazi Studios


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