What is Bhav?

Bhav is a feeling. A feeling that is your companion as you begin your day - slowly and quietly - with intentions - and carry over to the slumbering night. A feeling you hold close to yourself - body and mind - as you make notes and plans, or sketch ideas and thoughts. Bhav is simply - a feeling.

    Our Story

    If you are a mid to late millennial and grew up in Nepal, you probably owned an assortment of stationery products: the classic green covered Eagle notebooks, disco pencils, faux leather bound diaries, and fountain pens. Growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s with an inordinate amount of power cuts aka load shedding and a limited range of craft supplies, it wasn’t very difficult to stumble into and become an expert at what is now a commonly established culture of doing-it-yourself. It all started with endless hours spent stitching together scrap papers into decent note-copies. It somehow fuelled energy into the early days of designing prototypes and prototyping products for what would become Bhav Products towards the end of 2014.

      Bhav Products

      Bhav Products as a brand encapsulates this feeling; this history of a design journey of personalizing stationeries. As a brand for a truly wide range of stationery lovers, we centered simplicity, ease of use, and a tonne of room for personalization into our products. Bhav Products is proud to be part of an early cohort of creatives led by individuals who were entrepreneurial in the truest sense - starting out of our tiny rooms and the world-wide-web - and perhaps for the first time, making it possible to produce a Nepali stationery brand in Nepal.

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        Bhav Shop

        In the past six-and-a-half years of running a stationery brand, we started to curate an eclectic set of demands for stationery products from our customers. Customers browsing through Bhav Products would inevitably send DMs and messages requesting for accompanying paraphernalia that were not so easily or readily available in the market. It required a certain amount of sleuthing or having street knowledge to the whereabouts of these items. So finally in 2018, we decided to open and run a one-stop shop that is growing in its collection of art and craft supplies.

        Currently, we also collaborate with and promote Nepali artists and brands.

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          Bhav Team

          We are a small yet fierce team composed of Bhintuna Jya-Poo, the founder of Bhav Products and proprietor of Bhav Shop and Milan Dangol, Shop Manager.