Them Eyes Were Beautiful! Photobook by Sweet White Cookie


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Eyes Were Beautiful, they were indeed. They say our eyes are windows to ones’ soul. Are they really? I am unsure, but I just know their eyes were pretty.

I’m beyond happy that these prints are seeing the light of the day. This book however was never intended, or planned; things just happened somehow. The beginning of this maiden artwork documentation steadily transpired when I started to take a minimal approach to make images. I only used one camera, one lens, ambient light and an outdated laptop for post-production.

My minimalism approach helped me to greatly improve my visual perception. I started to look for expressions which turned out to be the actual charm of the images. Furthermore, I began approaching and doing experimental photography sessions with everyday women, trying to see how the results would be. By ‘everyday women’ I mean someone who has a different lifestyle, different working profession and most importantly women who have little or no links to photography and art world. I’d invite them to my studio, have a long conversation with them over tea, tell them my concepts, make them comfortable; and then I would take pictures in the way that want to be portrayed.

And the results are here in this book; they are remarkable. I’m in awe with the raw emotions and gazes I was able to document. I only fine-tuned their pose a bit at times.

I want to share my sincere gratitude to all the women who chose to take part in the shoots; this book would not have been possible without them. Many thanks to my friends who believed in my seemingly eccentric working days. Love! 20th January

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