Period Cup Steriliser


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  • Made of Ultra-Soft, Medical-grade Silicone, free of Toxins, this cup is so gentle and flexible that you’ll hardly notice your period and the flexible rim of the menstrual cup creates a vacuum seal that ensures you’ll never have to worry about any leakage or stains.
  • Menstrual Cups is reusable and designed for long usage with a 15-year life span, thus, does not create sanitary waste like pads and tampons and is eco-friendly.
  • The Menstrual Cup offers long-lasting protection & ensures no irritation, menstrual odor, itching, rashes, or dryness(Usually caused by Sanitary Pads). Enjoy the freedom to move, and no more rushing to the bathroom to change your pad or tampon.
  • Menstrual Cups contain a stem with a fine grip for good hold and perforated ridges for easier and painless removal. Our cups can be worn overnight while sleeping and during physical activities like swimming too.
  • Directions to use:
    • Simply pop open and fill with hot water or sanitizing liquid.
    • Take Intimate Wash on the finger and apply it externally to your intimate area then rinse with wash and scrub around.
    • Wash your hand
    • Fold and Insert
    • Upto 12-hour protection
    • Remove and Rise

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