Chiya Book Tabs Tags Sticky Flags (Transluscent) – Earthy Circle


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  • Each set includes 200 notebook tabs (10 colors X 20 pcs)
  • PET tabs, self-adhesive, moderate stickiness
  • Comes with a scale of 14 cm
  • Sticks securely
  • Come off easily without any damage to the pages with no sticky marks

Introducing Book Tabs, your indispensable companion for a seamless study and reading experience! Elevate your note-taking, journaling, and reading rituals with these meticulously designed tabs. Ideal for creating insightful annotations, these tabs make it easy to highlight and organize essential sections in your notes and books. Stay organized, enhance your learning, and make your study sessions more productive with the convenience and versatility of Book Tabs. Dive into a world of effective studying and reading with this quintessential stationery item!

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