Tombow Pen Type Liquid Glue 0.9 ml – (1.0 mm ball)


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  • Strong adhesion – The newly developed urethane adhesive component forms a crosslinking network, enabling strong adhesion between paper and different materials.
  • 1mm wide glue line – This ultrafine pen-type glue enables precise gluing on small areas, edges, and complex-shaped materials.
  • Smooth and non-sticky glue – Smooth and non-sticky glue.
  • Ballpoint pen-type – Prevents the glue from overflowing and spilling out of the container. It dispenses the glue without being squeezed. Draw glue lines for neat and clean pasting.
  • Pasting decorative parts on paper materials such as glass, metal, rhinestones, buttons, and cellophane can be glued on paper.
  • Thick paper with repulsive force can also be glued.
  • ACID-FREE – The alkalescent glue is suitable for creating photo albums and scrapbooking as it does not turn materials yellow or deteriorate them after being stored for a long time.
  • Environmental products conformance to the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing
  • Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database

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