Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Pen


Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint is an advanced liquid ink rollerball. The tip uses multiple dimples to suspend a tungsten carbide ball. This ensures non-skip writing as the tungsten carbide ball is highly resistant to damage. Another advantage of the Hi-Tecpoint system is that the ball is supported by the dimple points thus reducing the wear surface and allowing a smoother rotation of the ball. Liquid ink writes very smoothly and glides across the page. The Pilot V5 gives you exceptional value for money as within the barrel hides a jumbo ink tank, which when combined with liquid ink’s exceptional longevity gives a fantastic write-out distance. On the side of the barrel is a transparent window, allowing you to view the remaining ink level. Near the end of the barrel is an ink controller mechanism. This ensures that there is a constant ink flow to produce non-skip writing and eliminate blobbing.

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