Pebeo Pop Art Paint Brush Set Of 8, Yellow Polyamide, For Oil And Acrylics


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  • Yellow polyamide round brushes allow painting fine lines and detailed work while flat brushes allow easy loading for stroke work these brushes are flexible and durable
  • Yellow polyamide fibers, stainless steel ferule, wodden handle
  • This assortment of yellow polyamide brushes is ideal for fine art applications
  • This set includes 8 assorted brushes: Round No.0, 3, 6, 10, Flat No.2, 6, 10, 14

This set of 8 assorted Yellow Polyamide brushes comprised of 4 Flat and 4 Round brushes offers the possibility to work both fine lines and details as well as broader strokes. The Yellow Polyamide Fibers used in the fabrication of these brushes are absorbent and durable. They do not have the same capacity for holding color as natural fibers but they are more resitant. Their flexibility makes them perfect to apply liquified colors. These brushes have stainless steel ferules and wooden handles.

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